What is faux fur?

Faux fur is artificial fur, which mimics real fur. In recent years, technology enhancements to faux fur means that it is closer than ever to being identical to real fur. The purpose of faux fur is to replicate the appearance, texture and insulation properties that come with real fur.

How is faux fur made?

Faux fur is made from polymeric fibers, which are carefully dyed and cut to match the quality of real fur. Polymer fiber technology has improved dramatically over the recent years, which means a lot of faux fur is near indistinguishable from its natural counterpart.

Artificial fur, or faux fur, was first introduced in 1929. Early faux fur designs were made to imitate the fur of the alpaca. In recent times, there has been a whole range of faux fur styles.

The dyeing of faux fur has improved in recent times also. Previously, when faux was first introduced, it was hard to replicate the colours of real fur, however this is not really the case.

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Why is faux fur better than real fur?

Many in the modern era prefer faux fur, as it does not require the skinning of animals. This needless cruelty to animals is a reason people boycott real fur products. Many people see real fur as a pointless fad, as faux fur can now imitate real fur without requiring the skinning of an animal.
In parts around the world, animals are treated badly prior to being skinned. They are often forced to live in cages where their movement is restricted and illness is rife. Animals do not need to suffer in these conditions. Purchasing real fur directly supports animal cruelty.

Our faux fur goes through an extensive quality control process. Faux fur is tested for insulation, appearance, density, strength and various other performance standards.

A huge benefit of faux fur is that it is easier to take care of. There is less stress when choosing faux fur as it maintains its shiny and soft appearance. Another benefit is that it is easy to store.

Some argue that faux fur may not be as warm as real fur, however, advances to faux fur technology prove otherwise. Faux fur does a great job of withstanding the elements.

Is faux fur increasing in popularity?

In recent times, the popularity of faux fur has increased dramatically. More people than ever are wearing faux fur opposed to real fur. The animal rights movement contributed to the popularity of faux fur as they highlighted the animal cruelty within with the real fur industry. Not only that, faux fur is able to emulate real fur near on identical. Faux fur is also not as costly as real fur, which is another reason to suggest why its popularity has increased.

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What is the future of faux fur?

It looks like faux fur is here to stay. Currently, faux fur uses non-renewable polymeric fibers, which take 1000 years to biodegrade. It is predicted the future of faux fur will focus on achieving the same result without using non-renewables. We believe this is vital to help protect our planet. Some people predict that real fur in the future could be made up of animal cells in a lab. This means real fur can be grown, however the ethics surrounding this is another debate entirely.

What products does London Shoe Co sell that have faux fur?

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