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Our gorgeous range of novelty cat slippers inspired this post. Our website sells a whole range of novelty slippers. Anything from pugs, cats, monsters and even big foot!

The cat is a majestic animal, which is a common domesticated pet and hilarious antics. The ancient Egyptians believed cats were sacred and even claimed they had mystical powers. The popularity of cats can be seen all over the world. In Japan, cats are a major part of culture. In most Western countries, the cat is the second most owned pet. (Coming just after dogs)

Many people regard these mysterious creatures as “cute”, which makes them a popular animal for fancy dress events. As innocent as cats may appear, the cat is one of the most lethal killers in the animal kingdom. Their agility and hunting skill make them one of the most efficient killing tools. Their size however restricts them, although studies show pound for pound they are one of the most lethal breeds.

Cats like their independence, which means they are easier to look after than a dog. This is another factor that contributes to their popularity. Cat lovers all over the country love our range of cat slippers.

Want to know how to look like a cat? Did you know that you could manipulate make up to transform you to look like a cat?

How to apply cat make up

This video by YouTube sensation Danika Daisley shows just how you can turn yourself into a cat.

If you followed the steps in the video, you should be now looking like a cat. These make up effects are great for fancy dress, Halloween or just general fun!

Are you cat crazy?

Complete the look with our stunning cat slippers. We handpicked some of our favourite slippers from our cat range that would look great with our make up.

cat slippers
Our Women’s pink tabby cat slippers are a popular choice. These comfortable slippers are pink and faux fur lined and purrrfect.

Are you a lover of Persian cats? Try our Women’s Persian Cat slippers. They are available in ladies sizes 3 to 8 UK. Grab a pair today while they are still in offer!

The tabby cat is a highly popular cat in the UK. The beauty of the famous tabby cat breed inspired these stylish slippers. The 3D design features a tabby cat displayed on the front. These soft slip ons are perfect for adventuring the house.

These limited grey cat slippers are soft to touch and provide great warmth and comfort. Grab them whilst stocks last.

Now you should be well on your way to pass as a cat. We hope you enjoyed this article and our novelty cat products.

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We would like to say a special thank you to Danika for providing this incredible cat make up tutorial. Subscribe to her channel for new videos just like that.